Re: help with Hebrew gravestone abbreviation – Het #translation


Some thoughts on the previous responses:

1)  When "Chaver" is used in front of a person's name to indicate that he had received the honor bestowed in German Jewish communities upon men who had served the religious community for many years, it is usually given as "heChaver", "THE Chaver".  In addition, and I know that I am generalizing here, the names appear to me to be more Eastern European, rather than German.

2)  Chacham is, as indicated, a title used in Mizrachi communities.  Again, the names here do not appear to be Mizrachi/Sephardic.

3)  Of the comments made, the one that I would lean towards is plain "Chaver", in its translation as a type of "comrade" (Labor/Zionist movement?).
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

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