Re: Pre-1800 Records in Galicia #names

Eva Lawrence

There are records of this type in the official German archives. I have seen some, indexed by town  but  the earliest ones are in Hebrew, so not  easy to search and not reliably indexed. . . I have al list from my father's genealogy files, headed Extracted from  "die Juden in Memmingen," by Dr Julius Niedell,1909, It covers 1542 to 1608  These are.  only the names of Jews  who appeared in records in the local villages,  usually by their first names without patronymics..  A lot of specialist knowledge would be needed to find it helpful.  I suspect that this is the norm for German rural areas because the local population would be too small to need a distinguishing second name.   Probably  births  remained unrecorded a lot of the time if the community could not sustain a rabbi or  synagogue....
Books with  similar titles exist for many places in Germany, published in the first half of the 20th century researched by  someone interested in a the place. I know that under the auspices of GerSig., Roger Lustig compiled a list German genealogy books for JewishGen.
Circumcision lists were held by the mohel, so their survival is just a matter of luck.  I have one of those, too which was sent to my father before  1939.. There must be quite a few in the Leo Baek Institute.
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, where 

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