Re: Tracking down death records in the US #usa


I am so glad that there are a number of folks following this thread about patients living in the NY State psychiatric hospitals. 

Here is what I learned this week (caveat- this could change)
* Patients who died at Pilgrim State are not included in the NY State public death record 
* All records about patients are sealed for 100 years after their hospitalization which means I would have to wait until 2040
         Having said that I can write a letter to the medical record review board asking them to release her records. I am not the next of kin. She did not have children.
* Few graves are marked for patients who died at the hospital. (There is a project to identify Jewish graves at Central Islip) 
I contacted the museum and asked the archivist if she can do some digging (pun intended)
Finger crossed I find a crack in this brick wall

Thank you all for your continued interest
Deborah Barany

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