Re: Tracking down death records in the US #usa

Rita Geister Liegner

Hi Deborah,

My great aunt was at Pilgrim State in 1940 also.  According to the 1940 census, she was there as early as 1935. Oddly though, she is also listed on the 1940 census with her husband and son in the Bronx.  She died at Pilgrim in 1973 and did have social security number so I was able to access her death record on  Her death certificate is not available of course, and I have no idea where she is buried but assume is was on the grounds of Pilgrim State. 

I hope you find out something from the museum - I never thought to ask.  As for records, the State holds those in strict confidence and as I am not my great aunt's direct descendant and have no medical need for the information, I haven't pursued it.  I just wish I'd asked her sister (my grandmother) when I had the chance, but that shipped sailed a long time ago unfortunately.  Good luck and I look forward to hearing about any success you may have.

Rita Liegner
Ardsley, NY

BLUM, Romania
GAISTER/GEISTER, Babruisk Belarus
ROSOWSKY, Yargua Ukraine
FREEDMAN, Ataki Bessarabia

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