Brzesko (Brigel) pre 1800. #poland

Menachem Schreiber

Hi, we are researching a ancestor who came from Brzesko.
He was called Avraham (his son was called Pollack, but that is presumably because he came from Poland to Hungary).  
Avraham was born between 1700 - 1750. 
Which resources are there for the place and years?
Thank you for any help.

His son was R' Chaim Pollack before c. 1775 - 1836. (In family lore he lived 107 years which would give him a birth date of 1729, and his father a possible 1690).
who came over to Senta, to marry a granddaughter of the Ohr hachochma.

Thank you.
Menachem Schreiber, Jerusalem.

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