Re: Miriam Beila Horowitz (Isserles) (RM"A sister) connection to Rashi #rabbinic



Thank you for these links. 

The tree is interesting. If anyone happens to have a link to tsufnot online, that would be good to read. 

Although Englard's work must be reviewed before making an assesment, I find it unlikely that Dinah Malka is not the RMA's mother. This is because the RMA's father is not a Rashi descendant, and it seem to be well-known that the RMA is. Having said that, maybe Englard proposes another mother of the RMA. 

I think the place to look would be the RMA cemetery. It is possible that the RMA's mother is buried there are her headstone mentions her renowned son. I will make a post about this. 

Yoav Aran

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