Brick wall regarding paper trail going dry in NY #records #usa

Wendy Kalman

I've asked for help in Facebook groups, but the mystery still remains.
Two of fours siblings were Anna Rabinovitch (nee Kelmansky) and May (or Mae) Kelmansky. I turned to a FB group when I was only able to track them until 1955 and 1954 respectively. After I posted int he group, I actually found a record I think was Anna's, indicating she passed away in 1972 in Westchester (as Rabinovitch, which tells me she didn't remarry), but I think I have to purchase the Social Secrity record to know for sure it is her (I also still do not know where she is buried). No newspaper accounts I can find.

There is a family plot at Cedar Park Cemetery in NJ, where Anna's late husband Morris is buried, but she is not. Only 5 of 16 plots were ever used. The others are filled with Anna and May's brother Irving, his wife, one of the their sons and the son's wife.

My bigger mystery is with sister May, who filed for social security in 1951 at age 64. She retired from being a nurse due to injury many years before, and later it looks like she wrote for a communist newspaper for afew years. I have much documentation of her life, although less so in the 1940s. The last I have is in 1954 she appears in a directory; she was living on East 9th St. then (as she had when she aplied for Social Security). She was never married.

I have tried looking for marriage or death records and have come up blank. Since May went to pre-state Israel in 1918 for a year as a nurse with the American Zionist Medical Unit and a fictional piece of writing talks about an ad placed in a Hebrew newspaper by nurse M. Kelmansky who says she is leaving but will come back (I'v actually reached out to the archivist who has the writer's papers to see if there are notes where that came from!) -- anyway, a small part of me wonders if she could've emigrated to live out the end of her life, but I do not know how to check that, especially if she changed her name on arrival. But I did check Israeli cemeteries and did not find any May Kelmansky.
I don't need help going backwards but in trying to figure out where they went since, that is, May Kelmansky after 1954 and if there is any way to find where Anna is buried, as she is not with her husband in her family's plot. Thank you SO MUCH for any help anyone can provide.

Wendy Kalman
Acworth, GA

1.    KELMANSKY-- Odessa, Ladyzhyn and Pogrebishche.

2.  MALKIS & COHEN -- Odessa and maybe Ladyzhyn


4.    GERSHBERG -- Berdichev and then Odessa + KRAPEL, Odessa.

5.    BURDA -- Berdynovo, Tiraspol Uezd, Odessa oblast

6.    TEPLITSKY -- Mogilev-Podolsky

7.    BERG -- Berdichev, Kamenets-Podolsky and Mogilev-Podolsky.

8.    BRAUN- Panyola, Hungary and Bixad, Romania.

9.    IZSAK - Bixad

10.  NEULINGER (once NEILINGER) -- Timisoara, Romania.

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