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Miriam Weiner

Even if you attended a previous lecture about the RTRF website (, there are many new collections, including (but not limited to), the following:

1.  PKO Bank Account Records for primarily Poland, but also Galicia and Belarus, including names, actual bank account numbers, addresses, 1936 (about 80,000 names)
2.  Survivor lists primarily from Poland, but also including towns in present-day Ukraine and Belarus (110,000 names)
3.  Voter Lists - Volhyniya Guberiya, Ukraine, 1912 (63,000 names)
4.  Memory Books for towns in Khmelnitskiy & Vinnitsa Oblast (death records for those in the Russian army); these books are part of a 300+ volume series in Ukraine; each entry includes year/town of birth; when inducted into military; name of regiment; date/place of death (145,000 names for the below books)

Khmelnitsky Oblast  Volume 1   Pub. 1995   Regions:  Khmelnitsky, Belogorodka, Vinkovtsy

                                     Volume 2   Pub. 1995    Regions:  Volochisk; Gorodok

                                    Volume 3   Pub. 1995    Regions:  Derazhnaya; Dunayevtsy

                                    Volume 5   Pub. 1995   Regions:  Kamenets-Podolsky, Kamenets-Podolsky Region
                                    Volume 7   Pub. 1996   Regions:  Slavuta; Starokonstantinov

                                    Volume 9   Pub. 1997    Regions:  Chemerovtsy, Shepetovka


Vinnitsa Oblast          Volume 4    Pub. 1994   Regions:  Mogilev-Podolsky, Murovanyy Kurilovtsy, Nemirov

                                    Volume 7    Pub. 1995   Regions:  Chernevtsy, Chechelnik, Shargorod, Yampol

                                    Volume 8    Pub. 1995   Vinnitsa Oblast:  Supplemental

NOTE:  Regarding the above Memory Books - these books include military recruits from most of the towns in the above regions.

HANDOUT -- the website handout has been updated significantly -- it is now 52 pages (in color)!

Miriam Weiner, President
Routes to Roots Foundation
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