Longstanding Riddles of Jewish Genomics Explored in New Article #dna #rabbinic #sephardic

Adam Cherson

Dear Friends and Colleagues of Jewish Genomics,

I've released an article in which I identify and discuss various longstanding mysteries of Jewish genomics, in the light of recent published and unpublished research.

The topics include: 1) possible origins of several controversial uniparental lineages found in modern Ashkenazic populations (ydna: Q2a-Y2200, R1a-Y2619, R1a-Z2123, R1b-ZZ12, G2a-Z6552; mtdna: K1a1b1a), 2) 14th Century Erfurt data vis a vis the Khazar Hypothesis, 3) genetic footprint of the Judeo-Greco-Roman-Byzantine mixing event, 4) First Temple ancestries of the Jews of Africa, Yemen, and India, 5) the Sephardic-Ashkenazi phenomenon, 6) whereabouts of Occitanian Jews, and 7) historicity of Biblical genealogies.

The article may be downloaded here: https://www.academia.edu/84138593 (a free account is necessary to download articles from this site, which includes many papers relevant to Jewish genomics).

I hope some or all of the topics may be of interest to you.

Adam Cherson
Benyakonski, Kherszon, Rubinovich, Solts, Grodsinski, Levine, Cohen, Kaplan, Lubetski, Karchmer, Horwitz, Rabinovich, Zussman (Lida, Voronova, Dieveniskes, Konvaliski, Smarhon, Vilna)

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