Hebrew name translation #translation

Jocelyn Keene

My husband just died and I am starting to think about a gravestone.  Unfortunately, I have never seen his Hebrew name written anywhere.  I searched for the gravestones of his grandfather (no Hebrew on it) and GG-grandfather (haven’t found him yet) because he was named after them.  But then I realized that his father’s name would do because my husband’s name would be just the opposite - i.e., Tobias son of Joseph instead of Joseph son of Tobias.  So I am attaching his father’s Hebrew name from his gravestone in Bushey Cemetery, Watford, England in hopes that someone will tell me what it says transliterated from Hebrew but also in Hebrew letters so I know what to tell the gravestone engraver.  I don’t read Hebrew at all.  Does it say halevi at the end?   I have also attached his mother’s Hebrew name because I don’t know at all what her Hebrew name was. 
Thank you,
Jocelyn Keene
Pasadena, California, USA

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