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Diane Jacobs

One thing comes to mind, since her last residence was Scarsdale NY ,place I lived in for many years, the reference librarian at the Scarsdale Public Library could do a lookup for you in the Scarsdale Inquirer , the local paper for an obituary and you could also check The NY Times which can be obtained using Proquest at your local library for the same info .
Residing in Scarsdale , she could have died at the While Plains hospital in White Plains NY which is just a few minutes drive. 

Also keep in mind that although she had a 
10583 zip code, she could have actually been in  New Rochelle or Yonkers NY as some 
Residences there have Scarsdale mailing addresses.

Good luck.

Diane Jacobs

On Aug 21, 2022, at 1:21 PM, Renee Steinig <genmaven@...> wrote:

Wendy, in your inquiry about sisters Anna Kelmansky Rabinovitch and May (or Mae) Kelmansky, you wrote that  <<I actually found a record I think was Anna's, indicating she passed away in 1972 in Westchester (as Rabinovitch, which tells me she didn't remarry), but I think I have to purchase the Social Security record to know for sure it is her. (I also still do not know where she is buried.)>>

I assume that the record you referred to is this listing in the Social Security Death Index:

Name: Anna Rabinovitch
Social Security Number: 092-26-2965
Birth Date: 6 Apr 1886
Issue Year: 1951
Issue State: New York
Last Residence: 10583, Scarsdale, Westchester, New York, USA
Death Date: Oct 1972

Good chance that she's the right Anna as the birth date matches her naturalization record.

A reminder: The location shown in the SSDI is the decedent's last residence, which is not necessarily the place of death. Someone residing in Scarsdale could easily have died in nearby New York City, in which case the record would not be filed with NY State, or elsewhere. I've also seen instances where the zip code isn't even the decedent's, but that of a family member to whose address the monthly Social Security check was mailed, pre-direct deposit.

Also wondering...  

Could the Anna Rabinovitch listed in the SSDI be the same one who is buried at Baron Hirsch Cemetery?

Name: Anna Rabinovitch
Death Date: 14 Oct 1972
Burial Place: Staten Island, New York, United States
Comments: wife, sister, aunt
Other Comments: Erste Jablonower Lodge No. 477 I.O.B.A., Section E
Cemetery: Baron Hirsch Cemetery
Cemetery Address: Richmond Road
Cemetery Burials: 212
Cemetery Comments: Cemetery is badly overgrown with poison ivy, briars and other vines. Some graves are toppled or inaccessible. Contact John Hoenig for more information, hoenig@... Landsmanshaft Info: Yabluniv, Ukraine (was Jablonow, Galicia)

I realize that Anna wasn't a "Galitzianer," but that doesn't rule out burial in a Galician landsmanshaft section. I'd want to try to get a photo of the grave to see the Hebrew patronymic that's hopefully there. (Emphasis on the word "try," because, as the note on JOWBR indicates, many stones at Baron Hirsch are inaccessible.)

If you do send to the NY State Dept. of Health for a death record, wait a few months -- i.e. until 50 years after filing -- to be eligible for an uncertified copy of the record.


Renee Stern Steinig
Dix Hills NY

On Sun, Aug 21, 2022 at 11:21 AM Robert Hanna <robert.hanna41@...> wrote:

Anna's death certificate should have the cemetery where she is buried.  You can get the certificate from the NYS Dept of Health in Albany NY.

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

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