Re: Translation help of letter from Sambor #translation


I'm not fluent in Yiddish but I'll add a bit more onto what Shimi said.
It is to Mrs Pessa daughter of the late Yisrael, and her husband Mr Nisan son of the late Avraham Yitchak the levite. I find it interesting that Pessa is clearly the main one and her husband is secondary (it's even possible that the letter was written in Yiddish and not all Hebrew which would be more formal in order to accommodate her since fewer women were fluent in Hebrew). I believe the donation was $18  and it was in memory of Mr Tzvi son of Mordechai. It's dated June 21, 1934.
If you want a full translation you can post this on jewishgen's viewmate feature which will surely get a response since the script is so nice and legible.
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

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