Announcing the Publication of "My Three Successful Escapes" #JewishGenUpdates

Susan Rosin

jewishGen Press is proud to announce the publication of our 150th title: "My Three Successful Escapes".
Memoir by: Antonín Moťovič
Translated from Czech by: George Jiři Grosman
Cover Design: Jan R. Fine
Hard Cover, 272 pages.
This is the personal story of Dr Antonín Moťovič, a retired pediatric surgeon and Holocaust survivor. He was born in 1927 to a Jewish family in Khust, Subcarpathian Ruthenia, when the area was part of the newly established democratic Czechoslovakia.
The three escapes described in this book were pivotal events. The first was in 1941, shortly after Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union, when Antonín, his two siblings and his mother had been deported by the Hungarian authorities into Nazi-occupied Ukraine, where the extermination of the Jewish population was picking up pace.
The second escape was in 1945 when the family returned to Khust from the concentration camps, only to discover that Subcarpathian Ruthenia had become part of the Soviet Union.
The final escape was from communist Czechoslovakia to Israel, 20 years later. Antonin’s story contains a detailed description of his life as a teenager in Khust, his coming of age and life as a medical student and surgeon in his beloved Prague.
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