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Logan Kleinwaks

News from JewishGen's Danzig/Gdańsk Research Division:

We are planning a Zoom meeting, free and open to all, for the end of 2022 or beginning of 2023. Please fill out this form to indicate your time zone/preferred times: https://forms.gle/2h1vQ7wnYwYfdbJ66

Two new Danzig datasets are now searchable on JewishGen:

Civil Marriages 1875-1914 (Danzig registry office), 1911-1914 (Langfuhr registry office)

Deaths 1925-1927, 1936-1940 (more years will be added soon)

You can search these via your choice of the Unified Search, Germany Database, or Poland Database. You will see these datasets in search results as "The Danzig Database: APG Civil Marriages" and "The Danzig Database: FHL 1184408/1 Deaths." In addition to searching by surname, you can add town = Danzig to your search to limit the results.

Search results are linked to scans of the records. For marriages, the links go to the first page (of up to two), on your choice of either Polish website indeksy.net or metryki.genbaza.pl (registration not required for either). Click the page image to enlarge. Be sure to examine the scans, as they contain additional information not (yet) present in the indexes (e.g., occupations, street addresses). Note: where there is overlap with civil marriages indexed by Ancestry, the JewishGen indexes and these images may contain additional information not present in the Ancestry indexes or their images (e.g., later deaths of spouses).

For deaths, the links currently lead to an overview of scans on familysearch.org, where you can enter at the top left the image numbers you want to view (you will need to be logged into familysearch, which is free to use). Search results give two image numbers for each record, for left and right pages, which are far apart on the microfilm. All information in these records has been indexed.

For more details about these datasets, please see the descriptions at https://www.jewishgen.org/databases/germany/danzig.htm and the extensive finding aid for Danzig civil vital records at https://www.jewishgen.org/danzig/findingaidcivil.php.

Because the civil registry books include records of all religions, mixed together, we first had to identify which records state that at least one partner was Jewish. To do this, every civil marriage record in the books was viewed by two volunteers, independently, and their identifications of Jewish records were compared to make sure we did not miss any. Similarly, every record we then indexed was viewed by a second volunteer for proofreading.

Thanks very much to volunteers Rodney Eisfelder (coordinator of the civil marriage records project), Joyaa Antares, Angelika Boening, Logan Kleinwaks, and Dan Ruby for making this data freely available to all. We are very grateful to GenBaza and FamilySearch for making these images available and for cooperation.

Finally, a reminder that we have many datasets that have been fully transcribed, but are not yet online because we need additional volunteer proofreaders to discover and correct transcription errors (Hebrew and old German writing). These include burial records back to 1720, 19th and 20th century censuses, and much more. If you might like to volunteer, please email lkleinwaks@....

If you wrote to me recently and I have not responded, my apologies, I am a bit backlogged at the moment, but will give a thorough reply as soon as I can.

Logan Kleinwaks
JewishGen Research Director for Danzig/Gdańsk

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