Re: exploring DNA matches by total cM and cM in the longest strands #dna

EA Wurster

It helps to set up a non-destructive work flow to deal with the long DNA match lists, like from MyHeritage (used as example below).

  1. I start with that file in Excel, and add an empty column, say after column, Largest .
  2. Enter a formula using column references: Total cM shared / Number of shared segments (you'll have to discover the references on your sheet).
  3. Hit enter and select that cell with the formula. Double click the fill handle to fill down the entire column with the formula. Good idea to name the column, perhaps "Ratio".
  4. Apply Data Filter to all column heads.
  5. Click on the filter arrow for this new column, and enter a Number Filter, Greater Than = 9.9 (or something else you decide).
  6. Click on the Largest Seg filter arrow and enter a Number Filter, Greater Than = 29.9 (or something else you decide).
With these settings I now see just 67 matches, which is easier to work with than the 16,000 records I have in the beginning.
Of course this may temporarily hide some matches you need, but there are ways to overcome that. 
Ed Wurster
Voorhees, NJ
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