Re: Permalinks for NYC Historical Vital Records? #usa

Rick Luftglass

The NYC database is a “work in progress,” and they seem to be adjusting as well as adding. So even if there were direct links to records, they may become obsolete.

As others have said, you can download the pdf and save a copy. For Ancestry, I add a birth, marriage or death “fact,” and in the notes I include the main link and the cert number, year and the borough so it’s always easy to find on the site. I also upload the pdf to the Gallery, linked to that individual (or in the case of marriages, you can attach it to both)  

That way you have the best of both worlds - the image is saved on your tree, and you (or people who have access to your tree) can easily re-find it)

Rick Luftglass
Brooklyn, NY


Locations of interest.
Pcim (Myslenice county), Poland
Oswiecim, Poland
Andrychow, Poland
Gdow, Poland
Narajow (present-day Ukraine)
Namestovo (present-day Slovakia)
Bogopol (present-day Pervomaisk, Ukraine)

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