Re: Seeking translation of Hebrew on tombstone for Sol Yarmy #translation

Odeda Zlotnick

On Sat, Aug 27, 2022 at 08:57 PM, David Lewin wrote:
Here was buried
Shalom son of Reb Zeev Halevi

 The above lacks one of the names.

The modern Hebrew pronunciation of the Sol's Hebrew name is Shalom
His father, as noted in the first response had two given names: Yitshak and Zev (or Z'ev or Ze'ev).  The third name "HaLevi" is not really a name, it indicates the males in this family descended for the the tribe of Levi.

Yitzhak is Isaac in English. Z'ev (or Ze'ev) is the Hebrew word for wolf.  You may find the father's name in Yiddish as "Izik Wolf".

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

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