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Louis Schonfeld <lmagyar@...>

Those of you who have recently visited our web site and checked out the
current version of the 1848 census will be impressed by its scope and
usefulness. Marc Polster, our webmaster, has already corrected most of the
glitches which caused problems in alphabetizing the names. We would also
like to incorporate the names >from the 1848 Ung country census that was
graciously donated to our web site several months ago by George Eotvos of
Family Tree of Budapest-Csaldfa. However, that presentation is in a
graphical format and needs to be transferred to a format that can be
incorporated into our database. The Csaldfa version is available on the web
at the following URL: http://www.familytree.hu/doc/UNGVAR.doc

This would be a wonderful opportunity for someone who is housebound but
would like to make a significant contribution to our work. To view the
acceptable input formats for our project please see the following URL:

After the Ung data is included into the 1848 master database we will have
completed nearly 20% of the project.

According to the information gleaned >from Professor Erno Marton's famous
essay penned in 1942, titled the Family Tree of Hungarian Jewry, immigration
into Hungary >from Poland and the German speaking countries virtually ceased
after 1825. At that time the Jewish population of Hungary was calculated to
be 190,000. By 1880, the beginning year of large scale immigration to
America, internal natural growth had accounted for a population increase to
nearly 650,000. We don't know the Jewish population in 1848 since a large
portion of that census has been lost. However, if that number was 250,000
then our project of recording the nearly 25,000 names listed in the census
data still available to us, will account for about 10% of the entire Jewish
population in 1848. A searchable data base of that magnitude, I believe,
would be an important aide in our ongoing research as well as an impressive
demonstration of our determination to complete the task we have chosen for

Gyorgy Ujlucki, who many of you know >from his active involvement in our sig,
has suggested that our next project be a master list of all martyred Jews
who lived in the area of reconstituted Hungary, circa 1941.

I have recorded about 30% of the Pernumeranten in the 1825 Sefer
Schne-Apharim, and hope to have it completed by the end of this month so
please hold all lookup requests to me for this book.

Munkacs burial project update: 10 pages of the 25 total pages to be
transcribed >from the Hebrew to English are already in process, but I can't
predict a completion date. If you can read and transcribe Hebrew names into
English, can open scanned files and have an Excel or a Lotus spreadsheet
program we could use your help to complete this project. I estimate that
transcribing 5 pages would take about 3 hours of work.

Personal note to Leah Kraus: I have tried replying to your e-mail using a
variety of formats, but without success. I have a copy of Chachmei Ungaria,
but thank you for the offer.

Louis Schonfeld

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