1921 Czechoslovakia Census of Subcarpathia - Indexing Project #subcarpathia #ukraine #hungary

Lara Diamond

JewishGen is pleased to announce that JewishGen’s Subcarpathia
Research Division is indexing all Jewish entries from the 1921
Karpatalja Subcarpathia Census, from original images available on
Hungaricana. This project is being coordinated by Ron Donath.

These records are from the 1921 census of the newly-formed country of
Czechoslovakia. Records can contain a lot of genealogical
information, including dates of birth, dates of marriage/widowhood,
information about places of birth, professions, and more. Note that
many of these birthdates may be incorrect when comparing them to
actual birth records (also being indexed by the Subcarpathia Research

An initial 502 entries from 10 towns are searchable on JewishGen, and
more entries should be added regularly. Indexed records from this
project (and others) can be searched via JewishGen's Hungary and
Ukraine databases, as well as through the Unified Search,

You can access JewishGen’s Hungary Database by clicking here:

If you would like to assist in indexing these records, please contact
Ron Donath (nocia01@...).

Note: If your town of interest is not yet indexed, instructions on how
to browse through images for a town are available at
. And if your town of interest is not yet indexed, please volunteer
to index records!

Lara Diamond
Director of Subcarpathia Research

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