What happened to David Bernstein - 1890??? #usa

Steve Pickoltz

I've hit a brick wall.
My family- BERNSTEIN, PICKHOLTZ (Buchholtz), KACZOR (Katcher) and ABERBACH all came together to the USA aboard the SS Russia, arriving in New York City on May 9, 1890.
The BERNSTEIN group was comprised of Bluma (34) and two sons, Harry (Hersch) (9) and David.  David was born in 1889 and was 11 months old on arrival.  That is the LAST RECORD OF HIM (DAVID), that I have found to date.
By June of 1890, all 4 families had bought land and moved to Norma, Salem County, New Jersey.  David is not there.  All other members have been found and are accounted for.
Where is he????????????
All help greatly appreciated.
Steve Pickholtz
Tabernacle, NJ
searching-- PICKHOLTZ, all spellings, KLINE/KLEIN (of Phila), WINITSKY (of Phila), and OSTROFF (of Phila)

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