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David Ziants

I have been examining more details concerning the profiles of the family here.

It is rather a long story, which I want to try and keep short. Tali's father, Samuel, is also no longer alive, and one of the things he requested during our 2007 email exchange (see my reply from 30th Dec 2021) is that I should contact Yad Vashem to learn about his family who perished. At the time (before Yad Vashem had their records online), I did not really know what I should ask them. In the emails, he mentioned Kaminetz (Belarus) and Bialystok. My grandfather, who lived in England where I was brought up, identified himself as a Bialystoker (although he was born in Narewka according to one of the documents), and what seems to be my third great-grandfather Moshe's grave stone in Bialystok, he was originally from Brisk (Brest also in Belarus). So, his claim that he had family that went to England, but they severed contact because they did not help them financially leave Eastern Europe in the 1920s and 1930s (my family - like most immigrant families in England - were relatively poor so did not have the means for this), is not so far fetched - but it could also be the other ZIANTS family in England that are his relatives that he is referring to. Also, my own family never told me about any siblings of my great-grandfather Marks (Moredechai), and I have only managed to find out about one or two siblings from records.

Very recently I identified the Kaminetz siblings that Samuel mentioned (but not Joseph) listed in the Kaminetz yizkor book - and some of these names are indexed in Yad Vashem database, but with not too much details. 

The bottom line is, that the few ages I have imply that these siblings were born in the 1920s would make Joseph, Morris's brother and Samuel's uncle and not Samuel's grandfather.

No one from that family submitted Pages of Testimony at Yad Vashem for the relatives that were murdered. I imagine, it was Tali's intention to do this once she found out more information, but her days were shortened and she was not able to complete her research. I recently wrote to Yad Vashem to see if they can dig into their correspondence archives to try and find out if they ever received any information from Tali or her father Samuel.

I will paste the links to the Geni family trees - including that with now Joseph being Morris's brother - although I am not comfortable with this because I made up something to fit in with the time line - but the information I did receive seems to be convoluted (as I mentioned in 2021) and what is now documented is much more plausible:-

In the "about" of Morris's profile, I quote my email exchange with Samuel.

This , though, is not the Morris who died in 1926 son of Ruben (Riven), and his tree is separate and looking at it, this does not at all seem to be the same Morris:-

All the children of that Morris were born in the USA. 

Or, maybe, I am still missing something here.

Here is my tree:-

I am descended from Moshe's son, Baruch Leib, and his son Mordechai who just had my grandfather with his seven older sisters - all of whom I knew when I was a child,

David Ziants

Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

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