Why would a teenager flee his Hassidic rabbinic roots? #galicia #poland #rabbinic


The DNA evidence is compelling that my material grandfather, Philip Eisig Effrusi, lineage is one of the Galician Hassidic rabbinic families (Philip appears a name he adopted in the U.S.).  There are good matches with of rabbis with family surnames of Leifer, Rappart, and Rubin, Rosenerger and Euchenstein. It's possible his father may have been a Rabbi Moses Eichenstein of Schodnica, and his mother Sara Rifka Efrusi (perhaps never legitimized). The best evidence is that he immigrated to NYC around 1913 between the ages of 11 and 17. He never appeared to be formally associated with a congregation, had a common law marriage to my grandmother, and worked as a laundryman. My mother was his only child.   I am asking this question to learn if this would be so unusual to preclude Rabbi Moses being his father. 

Indy Crowley
Redmond, Washington USA

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