Re: Translation of Jewish headstone to English #translation

Felice Bogus

He was a righteous and innocent man
Here lies
Yehudah son of Moshe Medels
Who went to his world (euphemism for “died”) 6 Iyar
In the year 5665 according to the short count
May his soul be bound in the bonds of life

It could also be 5685
6 Iyar 5665 corresponds to May 5, 1905
6 Iyar 5685 would be April 30, 1925
Felice Bogus
Raleigh, NC

Poland - Bogus (Grajewo) Schlosser (Bialystok)
Romania - Feiner (Dorohoi)
Lithuania - Karitsky (Vilna)
Hungary - Mermelstein (Munkacs)
Ukraine - Gillman (Shatava)

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