Bielsk Podlaski, Poland, photo – identify people and school, translate Yiddish #photographs

Andrew Blumberg

A photo postcard taken in Bielsk Podlaski, Poland, in 1931 has been added to the Bielsk Podlaski KehilaLinks site at The photo shows a group of 27 boys with six adult men and one adult woman standing in front of a partially shown banner. The back of the card has a handwritten note in Yiddish or Hebrew. The boy in the top row on the left with the asterisk above his head is Ephraim Schneider (a/k/a Szneider). His granddaughter contributed the photo.

Please contact me if you are able to:

- identify the school or group indicated by the banner
- identify any of the people
- translate the Yiddish on the back of the photo
- provide any other information

If you have not recently viewed the homepage for Bielsk Podlaski, you’ll find that it was recently reorganized and updated. Direct links to sections of the Bielsk Podlaski Yizkor book, new photos, and new links to external source material have been added. Visit

Thanks for your help.

Andrew Blumberg
New York, USA

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