Re: Why would a teenager flee his Hassidic rabbinic roots? #galicia #poland #rabbinic

Annette Weiss

FYI, Philip is not solely a Christian given name. I had a paternal uncle Philip and his parents were Orthodox.

Also, there were also females from Kohen and Levite families who "broke the mold and left the fold," and my maternal grandmother was one. She came from a long line of Kohens and Levites who intermarried with each other throughout many generations in Lithuania. She came to the US in the early 1900s and married a non-religious Galitzianer, and was disowned by her family.

Annette Weiss
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Searching for:
Cohen, Katz and Segal/Siegel from Lithuania
Teiksler, Zweifler, Kessler and Schwartz from Ukraine
Wajs/Weiss, Pakula and Dziedzinsky from Poland

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