Need help with name of the groom #translation

Steven Usdansky

Pulled the attached image off of JRI-Poland; not sure if the groom is related to me. Document is in Russian. I don't need a full translation at this time, just the groom's given names (end pf the 14th line and beginning of the 15th line). JRI-Poland has them as Lejb Josel, but the third letter of the second name looks to me like a Cyrillic "x" rather than a "с" Wondering because the 1874 Belarus Revision Lists compilation/translaton shows the name of my grandfather's 2-year old brother as Iokhel'. Thanks.

Steven Usdansky
USDANSKY (Узданский): Turec, Kapyl, Klyetsk, Nyasvizh, Slutsk, Grosovo
SINIENSKI: Karelichy, Lyubcha, Navahrudak
NAMENWIRTH: Bobowa, Rzepiennik
SIGLER: "Minsk"

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