Re: Workman's Circle headstone does not mention wife and daughter of the deceased. Why? #usa

Professor Ryesky

When my Mom and I were making arrangements for my sister's stone (I was executor of her insolvent estate, and my Mom was bankrolling the stone from her own limited funds), the monuments guy initially suggested the inscription "Beloved Mother, Sister, & Daughter," but Mom adamantly insisted "Beloved Daughter, Sister, & Mother."

The main reason my sister's estate was insolvent was because her son had pilfered her bank accounts, maxxed out her credit cards, and fenced much of her chattels in order to support his substance abuse habit; he had even sold my sister's prescription pain medications.  My Mom had cut off her communications with the son, out of a (most highly justified) concern that he might pull similar shtick on her (the son at the time had been re-arrested for violating his parole, and was in the Big House).

That is why my sister's matsevah bears its subtly unconventional inscription.

-- Ken Ryesky
Petach Tikva, ISRAEL

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