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I would agree with Steve, a mistake was made. I found her death extract in the DB of Familysearch which is also referenced in I copied/pasted it below. It says her death was on December 7th. 
Chencha or Chantchie is a common Yiddish Derivative of the names Chana or Henya. 
An observation: Being as the Gregorian Date of Death was December 7, unless the New York City Clerk erred in dates, but the stone says that she died on the 30th of the Jewish month,  then she died some time Friday evening between after sunset and midnight, which was on the Shabbos. The engraver was probably told she died on Shabbos so he engraved December 8. That Friday night of her death December 7, was the beginning of the 30th day of the Jewish Month of Kislev, which at the same time was the celebrated eve of the Sixth night of Chanukah and also the first celebratory Day of Rosh Chodesh Tevet (beginning of Tevet), of which the second day of Rosh Chodesh is the next day the first day of the month of Tevet. Both days have extra prayers. What should have been a happy evening for the family being Shabbos & Chanukah became a sad one. The deceased must have been a very special woman, being as she merited passing away on Shabbos. According to our tradition the Gates of Gehenom-hell are closed on Shabbos thus anyone who dies, their souls enter directly into Gan Eden. When that happens we generally wait until after the Shabbos ends Saturday night after dark to bury the deceased. Burials are not done on Shabbos. Being as Mrs Rosenbloom died Friday Night on the Shabbat, then her funeral and burial was not done until Sunday the 9th, as written in the death record. According to biblical tradition, Great Pious and Holy Jewish leaders like Joseph, Moses and King David all died on the Shabbos.
Here is the death Certificate Extract.
Name Anna Rosenbloom
Sex Female
Age 60
Address 101 W 60 St.
Burial Date 9 Dec 1923
Death Date 7 Dec 1923
Death Place Manhattan, New York City, New York, United States
Death Place (Original) Manhattan, New York, New York, United States
Birth Year (Estimated) 1863
Birthplace Poland
Marital Status Widowed
Race White
Father's Name Harry
Father's Sex Male
Father's Birthplace Poland
Mother's Name Adele Cohen
Mother's Sex Female
Mother's Birthplace Poland
Event Type Death
Certificate Number cn 29574
Additional Relatives X
Cemetery Mt. Hebron Cem.
Note 101 W 60 St.
Shimon Sporn of Beit Shemesh, Israel
Researcher # 57380
Perl, Margolies, Itzkowitz, Lehrer families from Kisvarda, Fenyeslitke, Ustilug,
Leher- Rozenberg families of Hrubieszów Galicia Edmondton, London
Sporn families of Marosorozfalu, Rusii Munti, Saszreghin, Kajla, Besztercze-Naszod
Abraham & Stuhlman families from Pecsetszeg & Kozarvar

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