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The Northeast Indiana Jewish Genealogy Society will be hosting its 4th annual open house, “Meet Your Mishpocha,” on Sunday, September 11th from noon until 2:00 p.m. at the Rifkin Campus, 5200 Old Mill Road, in Fort Wayne. Designed to help people connect with their Jewish roots, this event will be held in-person with an option for guests to attend three presentations virtually.

This year’s presentations include:
  • Mike Brown, executive director of the Indiana Jewish Historical Society (IJHS), speaking on the history of IJHS in northeast Indiana
  • Sara Allen, genealogy librarian at the Genealogy Center of the ACPL, discussing DNA research
  • Suzanne Grimmer, archivist, who will speak about preservation
On-site features include
  • Advice on digitizing photographs and documents including opportunities for scanning
  • Expert advice with beginning one’s family history or forging ahead with one’s current research
  • Insights with interviewing people for oral history research and up-close accounts of the local Oral History Project
  • Virtual tours of the NEIJGS’ Fort Wayne Jewish Families Database
  • Information of the ACPL Genealogy Center and the Allen County Genealogical Society
Door prizes available to attendees include a free DNA kit!

Registration is required to attend the virtual presentations, and the link can be found on our website at Upcoming Events – Northeast Indiana Jewish Genealogy Society (
Contact Pamela Friedman at vp@... for more information

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