Re: Who was Rashi's maternal uncle? #rabbinic

Dan Rottenberg

Adam, Yossi,

Many thanks for the Grossman citation and this translation from Grossman's Hebrew. To my mind, our exchange epitomizes what the JewishGen discussion group Group is all about. Thanks to the Internet, in the space of a day we have accomplished what might have taken medieval scholars years!
Incidentally, my own interest in Rashi's genealogy stems from my recent discovery that Rashi was probably the ggg-grandfather of my ancestor Meir ben Baruch of Rothenburg (1215-1293). Meir's mother, Gutlin bat Eleazar of Worms, was descended from Rashi through her mother, and also from the Kalonymus family through her father, the celebrated mystic Eleazar ben Yehuda Kalonymus of Worms (1160-1238). The Kalonymus family was both prolific and ubiquitous! 
Dan Rottenberg
Philadelphia PA USA

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