TUCHMAN, Jawornik Polski, Poland #poland

Yale Reisner

Dear JewishGenners:
The September 6, 2022 edition of the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita carried a legal notice from the Regional Court in Przeworsk, First Civil Division, indicating that one Zbigniew Sinkowski has submitted to the Court an application on behalf of Józefa (née Kowaliło) Sinkowska to claim title over a property in the village of Jawornik Polski.
The property in contention is nr ewid. 438/1 consisting of 0.2652 hectares (0.655 acres) offered as a substitute for dz. 3492, created on the basis of land parcel 3323/5 a/k/a LWH 331 gm. kat. Jawronik.  There are numerous co-owners of record, pnly one of which appears to be a Jew:
Naftali TUCHMAN.
The Court asks that anyone with information about Naftali TUCHMAN or his legal heirs contact the Court directly within three months of publication of the notice.  If no heirs come forward, the applicant's request will likely be granted.
Best wishes,
Yale J. Reisner
Warsaw, Poland
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