Re: Kohen Hands on Woman's grave stone #usa

Odeda Zlotnick

Since my two previous responses were not posted in the order they were sent, and seemed to have been somewhat misunderstood, I'll try to clarify:

We have a case of a widow buried in a Jewish cemetery.
  1. Her maiden name is mentioned (not usual)
  2. Her father's name in not mentioned (not usual)
  3. There is an image of a cohen's hands which usually indicate that a buried person belongs to the tribe of Levi, who supplied the priests (cohanim) for the temple. (not usual on a female's grave)
  4. Her maiden name was Kahn - which usually means there is a long line of males going back to the tribe of Levi - that is back to biblical times.
  5. The emphasis on her belonging to a family with a very very old tradition is in contrast to there being no Hebrew text on the stone.
  6. Her husband who died first is not buried in the same cemetery
  7. Furthermore, she was not buried near her husband either

So I imagined a story:
Was Mr. Dawson Jewish? If not, was she perhaps disinherited by her parents? Some strictly religious parents even sit Shiva on a descendant who marries outside the faith.Is the stone the brothers' way of stating "she does too belong to our family!"?
Let me emphasize: my imagined story and my post about it came first and had nothing at all to do with cremation.
After that I noticed that the husband was buried in a cemetery with a chapel and a crematorium which - I thought -- supports the probability of the story I imagined.

Of course there are Jews who eat bacon, have their bodies cremated, eat bread on Passover, do not fast on Yom Kippur, don't keep the Sabbath, etc. etc. that is not the issue I was thinking of. I did not say - or think - "he was not Jewish because he was cremated". 

If anyone has detailed info about Jewish cemeteries with crematoria, and when these cemeteries were established, I would be very interested in it - you can reply in private.  I did not mean, and do not mean to get into a discussion of who is or is not Jewish.

Odeda Zlotnick
Jerusalem, Israel.

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