Jewish Surnames in Kobe, Japan #names

Abuwasta Abuwasta

Dear Genners,

The Jewish community in Kobe started in the midst of the 19th century when Japan began  opening to the West. The first Jews who arrived there were traders from Aleppo and then joined by

Baghdadis who arrived via Shanghai. After the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia a wave of Jews arrived there and started an Ashkenazi community. During WW2 most all the Jews who were granted a

visa to Japan by the Japanese Consul in Kaunas, Sugihara arrived to Kobe before moving to Shanghai. I intend to write an article  about the Jews who lived there and as a Genner need surnames.

If you know of people who lived there(not as WW2 refugees) please let me know. Any help or tip will be appreciated. I believe that I know most of the articles about the community there.

Jacob Rosen


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