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Rosanne:  Sucher is an unusual name. I have never seen it before.  If you knew that your ggf was called Sucher then it is almost certain that this record is for hm  The other names are Paja, pronounced Paya, Chaia and Sura.  The civil names selected for these would have likely been Pauline, Ida and Sarah.

The numbers 7x29389  and 5/5/41 for Paja indicate that she applied for citizenship in 1941.  The 7 is a district number that applies to Cleveland OH or Buffalo NY.  You might try searching for naturalization records using her 1941 name.   

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 9/9/2022 3:07 PM, Rosanne N Prichason wrote:

My great grandfather Sucher Needelman (might be him) is listed as Nudelman with three other people. I picked this document because census documents show immigration as 1888 with two similar names. This is the only ship document that, I have found.
I am able to translate Sura into Sarah. I cannot translate the child  Paja, and another name I can't read. He had daughters Lillian, Paulene, Ida and Sarah. Son, Solomon "Samuel." The document says they are meeting a brother. I have no information on any brothers of Sucher. I know that, people in Russia had Yiddish names, nick names and I am unclear whether Jews used Russian names or not. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Rosanne Prichason
Lewes, Delaware USA
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