Re: Help reading passenger list #records


Just above the name is "dis to "  You can see the same notation for the
three passengers in lines 24 -26 and several more on this page, where it
appears  mostly in column 22 rather than above the name. It means
"dismissed to"
In the parentheses is an address and occupation "56 ??? Ave  Real
Estate".  The name of the avenue is not legible.

David Rosen
Boston, MA

On 9/18/2022 4:33 PM, David Buford wrote:

On second page line 23 after Uncle Meyer Gold there are somethings
hand written in there. Something above uncle Meyer Gold ??,  then it
says  George Blumenthal. then something in parentheses  that I can't
make out. Hopefully someone can help.
Linda Gold Buford

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