Re: Obtaining a US State Dept (NARA) file from outside the US #galicia #usa

Renée K. Carl

Hi David
The description of this record set can be viewed at this link:
however, the instructions for obtaining copies is NOT accurate - note the page was last updated in 2011.

Record Group 59 - Dept of State Central Files are arranged in year groups. The JewishGen index references 1910-1929. The code 363 means Class 3, Protection of Interests, and 63 is the country. There is more information in the link. The rest of the code indicates the file and document page. It will likely be a letter or letters inquiring about a person or persons related to a US citizen.

Unlike Canada, you do not need to be a citizen or US resident to request these documents. You can email Archives2reference@... to inquire if they can make a digital copy of this document for you, or if it has to be done by someone coming in - be sure to include all the information plus a screenshot might be helpful.

Good luck
Renee Carl
Washington DC

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