Wedding Traditions? Photo of Wedding in Indura, ~1905 #poland #belarus #photographs

Tracy G.

Hi all -

I was lucky enough to come into possession of the attached photo from ~1905 in Indura, Grodno, Poland (now Belarus). I know that the people circled are my family members (great-great grandparents and two of their children), but I know nothing else about the photo. Does anyone know anything about wedding traditions from that time in the region?  Are there any interesting details that capture anyone's eye?  I am so, so curious about this picture and the people in it!

Thanks so much!
Tracy Grigoriades

Wayne, PA

Researching: Greenberg (Pasvitinys, Lithuania), Slevitz (Subate, Lithuania), Adler (Wytkor, Galicia), Friedlander (Skadvile, Russia), Blinder (Pocotilova, Kiev, Ukraine), Savitt (Grodno, Belarus), Newman (Zemplen, Hungary), Weissman (Kamenetz, Ukraine)

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