Re: Where was she really born: Warsaw or Lodz? #poland

Orit Lavi

Hello Marilyn,

JRI-Poland online database shows 2 births of Gittla MICHALOWICZ in 1891 (Act #376, as well as act # 730 for Sura Gitla). Did you check these two records?

While I don't know where your grandmother was actually born, I would speculate that she wanted you to believe it was in Warsaw - a more prestigious city comparing to Lodz. As a wild generalization I would say that Polish Jewish women tried to "improve" their biographies, and place of birth was a key factor.
[A friend of mine was told by her grandmother that LEWKOWICZ was a noble family name. She was rather disappointed to her that it was one of the most common family names in Poland]. 

Good Luck, Shana Tova!

Orit Lavi
Kfar Vradim (formerly Tsukey Yam)

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