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This is what Ha'Aretz wrote about Yad-Vashem's project:

Tadiran, Manpower to computerize Yad Vashem names

By Avi Blizovsky, Ha'aretz Correspondent

Tadiran Information Systems, of the
Tadiran group, won the contract to computerize the names
of the Holocaust victims collected by Yad Vashem - The
Holocaust Martyrs'and Heroes' Remembrance Authority in
its Hall of Names. The multinational Manpower group will
provide staff for the project as a subcontractor.

The computerization project was ordered by the Independent Committee of Eminent Persons under the chairmanship of Paul Volcker, which is
looking into dormant accounts at Switzerland's banks. The
Volcker committee has committed $8 million for its
implementation. The project involves scanning the names
of recorded Holocaust victims and entering them
into a database. These names will be cross-referenced with the
names of dormant account-holders in Swiss banks, to
locate accounts that belonged to people killed in the Holocaust.

Yad Vashem board chairman Avner Shalev said the organization has collected over 3 million victim names on
record. Some 2 million of the names are documented on
Pages of Testimony. The rest appear on lists collected from
sundry sources in Europe.Meanwhile, Manpower has already begun
to enlist people to carry out the project. Those
involved in the project believe it will require about 1,000
people to carry it out: 700 typists, 120 linguists, 50
managers, and about 130 clerks.

Israel Singer, the General Secretary of the World Jewish
Congress; Zvi Barak, co-chairman of the Executive of the
World Jewish Restitution Organization; and Avraham Burg,
chairman of the Jewish Agency, were actively involved in
the consolidating the agreement.

In addition to the lists mentioned, Yad Vashem keeps at
least 10,000 other lists stored in its
archives, which contain millions of names. The organization
says it wants to computerize these lists too, in order
to create a central"mega-database" of Jewish Holocaust

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