Re: Was 'Alt Schotland' a shtetl or a village with a high percentage of jewish inhabitants? #general #gdansk

Jill Whitehead

Further on this,
published  October 30th 2021, highlights the restoration of a Scottish cemetery in 2020/21 at Jadow near Warsaw. This Scottish village was established in about 1830/31, some years after Scotia, near Dowspuda in Suwalki Gubernia, which was set up during the years 1815-1821, as per the article at https://fr.plpedia/Dowspuda.html.

There is also a very lengthy academic discourse on the Scottish achievements at Scotia, which I have in my files.  This also mentions other Scots sites in Poland.

But Mona Mclean's book on her family's achievements at Scotia and in Poland generally are to be recommended. 

By coincidence, I am currently writing an article for Shemot, the journal of the JGSGB which includes some of this information, in relation to Jewish migration to Edinburgh in Scotland (as well as other places in UK).  

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK


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