Re: Needing advice, suggestions, etc. --for planning a trip to Vilna (Vilnius) #lithuania


I visited Vilnius in 2016.  It is a beautiful small city, easy to walk everywhere within the old part of the city.   
Recommendations: Travel agent -   (travel@...).  They arranged for a guide and car for our visits to other towns, and were very helpful.                                    Hotel - Radisson Blu Astorija, Didzioji 35/2  (Tel: +370 5 212 0110; Fax: +370 5 212 1762; Email: info.vilnius@...; website:;  It is in the very center of town so extremely convenient.  Very nice and had a great breakfast buffet.
                                 Archives:  if you want to obtain copies of ORIGINAL documents from the archives, I would suggest that you write to them now, tell them what you want (they will want all of the information from a JewishGen search).  They will tell you how much, and you can arrange to pick up the documents when you are there.  A visit to the State Archives is fascinating.
                                Guide:  our guide was Ruta Puisyte ((rutapuisyte@...;).  Her English is very good, and she will research individual towns if she can prior to visiting them.

Susan Gray, Chicago

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