Re: What about helping the Ukrainians who helped us? #ukraine #general

Carol Reisman

Dear David,

Thank you for posting the contact info for the archivists who have done so much to help you and all of us in our research. I only noticed your post today (October 2022) - yet your post went out back in February, at the outset of the war,  and there is still no end in sight.

 I hope everyone reading this will try and reach out to those wonderful researchers to show concern and support.

I have been trying to help another of our friends, researcher and guide Alex Dunai, who is well known to many of us. Alex is heartened not just by the financial help, but by the strong moral support that keeps him going.

So I know that sending a good word sent to the archivists on David’s list is important and will be most appreciated.

Shana Tova to everyone and thank you David, for your compassion.
Carol Reisman


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