Trying to find Nathan MIAZIN/MAZIN #usa

Felissa Lashley

First I want to thank everyone for all the help you have been in helping me to figure out my ancestral story.
My paternal grandfather, Pincus LISHINSKY, traveling as Finens LEEZINSKY with either a friend or cousin, Zureeh/Zurech ZATALOVSKI arrived in New York on 01/23/1905. Both said they were going to Philadelphia to their cousin Nathan MAZIN or MIAZIN at 306 Walker St. I am looking to find any evidence that my grandfather was in Philadelphia. By 1906, I have evidence that he lived in Manhattan. Also the name MAZIN/MIAZIN is completely unfamiliar to me and finding more might provide insight into another twig on the family tree. I suspect that Pincus and Zurach (who became Joe Satlow) are cousins but I do not know how. 
I appreciate any suggestions or help you can provide. Thank you so much.
Felissa Lashley
Austin, TX

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