Re: Looking for GRUENBAUM Roots in Bavaria at the First Half of the 19th Century #germany #names

Reuven Mohr

the Fellheim part is in my file, with minor differences:

Samuel Bacharach b. 23 Aug 1791 Fellheim, married 22 oct 1828 in Huerben to
Sophie Sila Burgauer b. 12 Dec 1803 in Ichenhausen; they had at least 9 children born in Fellheim, who (the ones who grew up) probably emigrated together with their parents:
Magdalene b. 25 Aug 1829;
Emilie b. 22 Sep 1830;
Fanny b. 11 Jan 1833;
David b. 21 Dec 1834;
Caecilia b. 21 Jul 1837;
Sara b. 14 Oct 1839;
Sigmund b. 21 May 1842;
Nathan b. 16 Aug 1844;
Marie b. 30 Nov 1847 - d. 10 May 1848 Fellheim;

for Samuel Bacharach I have only one brother Wolf b. 10 Jul 1794 in Fellheim - no further info.
their parents were Simon Bacharach and Magdalena NN.

Sophie Sila Burgauer was probably (the b.dates differ: 23 Dec 1802) the daughter of David Nathan Burgauer and his wife Antonia Mina Mindle NN. who had at least 8 more children in Ichenhausen, who were mostly married there: Heumann/Heymann, Schnattinger, Kahn, Henle, Wolf/Wolff;
btw. Sophie Sila Burgauer and my ggrandmother in Laupheim are 10 steps apart - like most Jews in the region.

Reuven Mohr
Jerusalem, Israel

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