Re: Book Der alte juedische Friedhof in Fuerth 1607-2007 : Geschichte, Riten, Dokumentation by:Gisela Blume #general


Hi Susan and all on this thread,

I have traced my mum's family (Franklin in the East End of London) back to the Fraenkels of Fuerth. I was lucky enough to exchange emails with Gisela Blume back in 2011 where she confirmed the birth/death dates for some of my direct ancestors:
- Serach Fraenkel, born 3 Dec 1759 in Fuerth (died in London in 1840)
- His father Eliezer Behr Fraenkel, 11 May 1722 - 1 March 1760
- His father Jakob Josef Fraenkel, died 1 March 1740 (born in Vienna)
- His father David Isaac Seckel Fraenkel, died 4 Nov 1691 (born in Vienna)

Does Gisela's book have any further information about these individuals - plot locations, images of stones or anything like that?
Furthermore, is there a page or online community for those tracing their ancestry back to the Fuerth community of the 17th, 18th and 19th century where information can be shared and connections made (or is this something for which there is a demand?)

I have also found the Michael Berolzheimer Collection ( of great help, although I'm not sure how much of it is freely available online as it was a few years ago.

Many thanks all & Shabbat Shalom


Richard Beach
My book is here:
PRZYBYSZ/WEINBERG - Rawa Mazowiecka & Skiernewice
PERLOV - Bobruisk
FRANKLIN/FRAENKEL - London/Fuerth/Vienna
ZOLTY - Kalisch & Wieruszow
MARCOWICZ - Krasnopol
MARKS/LYONS - London, late 1700s/early 1800s

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