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Jules Levin

Europeans didn't do anything to indigenous peoples that they weren't doing to each other.  There are reasons why the US Cavalry always had Indian allies in their wars against the Sioux.  The Sioux had carried out genocide against the Blackfoot a generation earlier.    Also, the Columbus Jewish story pops up every 20 years.  All we know from documents is that he behaved like a pious devote Christian. 

Jules Levin, Los Angeles

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EdrieAnne Broughton --

Oct 22   

You may wish to see this subject in a generic sense, that it was Europeans who brutalized indigenous people of the New World. But if Columbus were proven Jewish, it could quickly become one more invective that anti-Semites can use against Jewish people. It would be no different than calling Jews “Christ killers” or the bogus claim in the Middle Ages that Jews used the blood of Christian children to make Passover matzah or the notorious Protocols of the Elders of Zion publication. I am not entirely sure what you are implying by saying that “history is history.” If you are saying that history can’t be undone that is true. But if you mean that people don’t view their current world through the prism of historical events, I respectfully take exception to that thought.

Jeffrey Gee

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