Re: Columbus - Jewish ? #general


To Mr. Jules Levin, who wrote that Columbus, " behaved like a pious devote Christian", I suggest that he restudy the "Inquisition", and discover what happened to Jews who didn't behave thusly.
  I had previously mentioned the wonderful, and well documented book, "Sails of Hope", by Simon Wiesenthal, which presents much evidence that Columbus was very possibly, what was referred to as a Marrano. His wife's family were believed to have been Marranos, and such people, secretly maintaining their faith, would be risking their lives to "marry out". 
Neilan Stern        searching:  Radomysl Wielki Poland, Nesvizh Belarus, Vilijampole Kovno Lithuania;  Stern, Pistrong, Schwarz, Aronovsky

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