Jewish-italian origin of the surname Zebedeo? #sephardic


Hello everyone,

My name is Álvaro, I am new to this community. Hopefully my question is not a silly one! I recently started doing my family tree and have come across a certain Francisco Sebedeo Carrasco from Andalusia in Spain. Unfortunately due to the Spanish Civil War there is not much information left about his parents so I´ve tried looking into his surname, which is very rare/almost unheard of in Spain.

Research from Nardo Bonomi suggests that Zebedeo might be a surname of sicilian-jewish origin ( There are still families carrying the surname Zebedeo in Italy today, and others can be found in the US, of proven italian origin. So maybe some moved to Spain as well?

Francisco Sebedeo Carrasco got married in 1838 and his parents were born in Spain in the beginning of the 1800s I would assume. The problem I find is that back then Jews were still not allowed to live in Spain right? Besides contacting Nardo Bonomi, is there a place where I can get some information about the Zebedeos of Sicily?

Thanks a lot for the help!! Best regards,

Álvaro Montiel Jorda

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