Re: Looking for U.S. military information on Warren J. FRIEDMAN during World War II - #usa



The US National Archives and/or the Department of Veterans Affairs's may have Warren Friedman's military personnel records.  These records can provide significant information, not only about his military service, but also some personnal information and information about relatives and addresses. For VA records, call the VA's call center at (US) 800-827-1000 and they will explain the process of requesting VA records. For the National Archives, check
There was a fire at the National Archives in 1973 that destroyed records of millions of Army, Marines and some Air Force veterans, but not all records were destroyed and even if Warren Friedman's record was destroyed or damaged, the archives may be able to reconstruct some information through other sources. Also, if Mr. Warren applied for VA benefits prior to 1973, there is a good chance that his military records were transferred to the VA and were not at the National Archives in 1973. 

Dan Efrat
Cherry Hill, NJ, USA
Researching Israelit/Israelite from Novogrudock and Dyatlovo/Zhetl in Belarus, Rabinowitz from Dyatlovo/Zhetl, Pruss and Koifman/Kafman from Ukraine

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