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Friedman, H George

Wait a second, Eva. My understanding is that both Ancestry and FamilySearch (I can't speak for any other sites) advise using birth names, not women's married names, for just the reasons you cite. I find that most people on those sites, though not all, do use birth names.

George Friedman
Champaign, IL, USA


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Michele Lock makes an interesting point, because the women she is looking for may well have descendants who are aware of their 'maiden' names from their own records. The websites generally prefer to use women's married names on their trees, which hinders potential matches. I myself make a point of using my ancestors' birth surnames on my tree, putting me at odds with both Ancestry and Geni, but allowing me to track the female line as well as the male one, It is also a better way of tracking second marriages...

Eva Lawrence

St Albans, UK.

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